Social Responsibility Policy

Our Social Responsibility Program mandates, and requires the senior management team to ensure, among other things, as follows:
  1. To offer to its employees a hazard-free working place and environment.
  2. To prohibit child labour in any subsidiary or associate company and to encourage all suppliers to adopt a similar policy.
  3. To organize programs which educate our suppliers and farmers on good agricultural practices and on the preservation of the environment.
  4. To respect all laws and socio-economic values of the host country.
  5. To encourage management of our subsidiaries and associate companies to act as constructive and responsible members of the local community.
  6. To coordinate and monitor the development and implementation of the Social Responsibility Program by each and every subsidiary and associate company.
  7. To be committed to help disrupt, reduce and eliminate the counterfeiting of cigarette and cigar brands, an illegal activity.