Company History

Lippoel Leaf B.V. : Lippoel Leaf was founded in the Netherlands in 1981 by two entrepreneurs, Huib van de Stadt and Gerard van Hattem, who both had previous careers in large multinational tobacco firms.

The company successfully developed the trade in Flue-Cured, Burley, Dark-Fired and Oriental leaf tobacco from all major origins and became a recognised supplier to the international cigarette and RYO industry.

In 1995, Lippoel Leaf acquired Carl Leoni N.V. and its Brazilian subsidiary Carl Leoni Ltda. in Salvador, Bahia. Carl Leoni has had its own distinguished history having been in the tobacco business since 1848 when it started trading tobaccos in Mannheim and later moved to Amsterdam in 1937. In the early 20th century, it owned cigar tobacco plantations in Mexico and later established leaf processing and packing operations in Brazil and Cuba.

In 2007, Lippoel Leaf became a part of CdF International Group.